Income taxes and free lunches

Income taxes and free lunches

By Martha Stoddard February 12, 2013 2:22 pm Comments

Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska, one of the few groups backing Gov. Dave Heineman’s tax overhaul proposal, invited Nebraska citizens to a State Capitol rally to show support for the idea of eliminating state income taxes. The Tea Party-style group promoted the event with radio advertisements and news releases.

One line in the radio ad stood out. It promised lunch would be provided to rally participants. Brad Stevens, AFP’s state director, said the group made the offer to acknowledge those who showed up for an outdoor rally on a chilly February day. The menu consisted of box lunches from Jimmy Johns.

Now, political rallies are common on the west and north steps of the Capitol, especially during the legislative session. Organizers giving away food are not so common.

Still, the offer didn’t appear to boost turnout. About 30 people showed up, not counting members of the media, and there were plenty of sandwiches to go around. Maybe Nebraskans were wary of the offer after hearing the old adage about free lunches.