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Nebraska Legislature: Heineman’s initiatives coming

Nebraska Legislature: Heineman’s initiatives coming

This is the week we finally find out what Gov. Dave Heineman has up his sleeve for 2013.

The governor has never been much for tipping his hand before his annual State of the State address (this year on Tuesday). But he’s been even more secretive than ever this year.

That could be, as some speculate, because his plan has been so fluid. You can bet on something dealing with inheritance taxes, but what else? A flat income tax? Eliminating sales tax exemptions?

Heineman says that the budget is the first priority, so maybe he waited to see if the state’s fiscal situation cleared up. That hasn’t really happened. Last month’s bumper receipt of taxes was more about people selling off assets in anticipation of the fiscal cliff than an undication that the economy is on totally solid ground now.

Some observations from the first week:

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Justice comes for Darrel Parker from Jon Bruning

Justice comes for Darrel Parker from Jon Bruning

For those who say that government doesn’t work, I’d submit the following:

Fifty-six years after being found guilty by a jury of murdering his wife, Darrel Parker, now a hard-of-hearing senior citizen, has found some justice.

 Last week, Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning stood in front of the television cameras and apologized to the now 80-year-old Parker.

 Bruning said it was clear that the former Lincoln city forester had been wronged in 1956 when a confession was extracted from him after seven hours of accusatory and confrontational interrogation.

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